Unintended surprise

Last semester, I sat in graduate complex analysis class taught by Pak Wono Setya Budhi.. Thank you very much for letting me study inside your class sir 😀 Instead of only sitting in and hearing the lecture, I was also working on the assignments and participating in class discussion. But I chose not to attend both exams~the mid and the final. Some of you may know that I usually get out early from the exam room. One extreme case was when I went out after less than 30 minutes in an 120 minutes exam (I finished in 20 minutes and it would be extremely boring to wait for another 100 minutes inside :P). And I don’t wanna induce panic in this class where I was only sitting in~ha3x just kidding guys 😆

So I skipped the mid test, but in the next lecture hours I asked my classmate the questions and took a picture of it so I can work on them later. This morning I browsed through my gallery and stumbled on the picture

Yes it is my name on no. 4 😀 it is supposed to be Hafiz though

It really was a pleasant surprise the first time I saw it (my name on exam paper).. especially because the day of the exam was my birthday. I presume Pak Wono didn’t know about it.. but thanks anyway sir 😉

For those interested in knowing other problems from the exam.. here they are:

click to enlarge
click to enlarge

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