Who’s (the daddy of) your daddy?

what an erudite tree

You’re a mathematics student? Ever wondered who is the advisor of your advisor? Or are you interested in history of mathematicians? Then this website is for you.

The Mathematics Genealogy Project is a database project which mission is to compile information about all mathematicians in the world~or at least those who already received their Doctoral degree. In this website you can find the following info about a mathematician:

#       The complete name of the degree recipient
#       The name of the university which awarded the degree
#       The year in which the degree was awarded
#       The complete title of the dissertation
#       The complete name(s) of the advisor(s)

So if you search for the name of your advisor for instance, you can find all those information above~hopefully, since the record may not be complete. I tried inputting some names and every time it works just fine. Moreover, you can continue to trace the ancestry line to many generations above. For example, I did a search and a trace on David Hilbert on this website and if there are two or more advisors I will go on with the trace only from advisor1 side. Here is the result:

Friedrich  Leibniz
Jakob  Thomasius
Otto  Mencke
Johann Christoph Wichmannshausen
Christian August Hausen
Abraham Gotthelf Kästner
Johann Friedrich Pfaff
Carl Friedrich Gauß
Christian Ludwig Gerling
Julius  Plücker
C. Felix (Christian) Klein
C. L. Ferdinand (Carl Louis) Lindemann
David  Hilbert

Nice huh 😉 Also, if you can find your name on the website, you can order a poster of your own academic genealogy skeleton. Explore the web database by yourself, it’s actually kinda fun 😀


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